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Natural Heritage

ÇEKÜL’s nature conservation activities range from afforestation and combating desertification, to sustainable rural development, land use and the protection of biodiversity.

7 Tree Forests

7 Tree Forests is the lead program as well as the first and largest public participation initiative in Turkey, aiming to create nation-wide awareness of deforestation and desertification. Inspired by the fact that each individual consumes approximately 7 trees annually in a lifetime, the program aims to increase awareness about deforestation and desertification. At least 7 trees are planted for each participant of the campaign every year. An individualized gift certificate or postcard giving ownership of '7 Trees' are provided to participants, who wish to plant trees or have trees planted as a gift for special occasions such as births, anniversaries etc. Trees are planted in partnership with the Ministry of Forestry and Environment on behalf of each participant. Every year, the participants (gift givers and receivers) are invited to visit the afforestation areas where tree planting festivals are organized.

The program was followed by 77 m2 Soil to combat soil erosion and Paper Forests to recycle used paper, the income from which was invested in reforestation. Bahçesaray Rural Development Project was introduced in Eastern Anatolia as a sustainable resource management program in the endangered natural habitat of walnut trees. Niksar Organic Farming Pilot Study was implemented in Northern Anatolia to set an example for the practice of organic farming.