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Completed Projects

Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management (GEF II) - Public Awareness and Small Grants Program Development

As a partner of the project, ÇEKÜL developed training programs tailored to the stakeholders and prepared advisory reports about ways to develop public awareness.

77 m2 Soil

Implemented between 1998 and 2002, the project took measures to prevent soil erosion in Gumushane area. More than 5000 saplings of various fruits and walnuts were planted so that the local villagers could gain income while preventing erosion.

92 Forests

A campaign that lasted for a month in 1992 through which Istanbul residents planted 102.500 tree saplings in a 170 hectares area which is prone to illegal settlements (Beykoz-Kavacık).

Beriköy Project

As a partner of the project, ÇEKÜL provided network building and organizational support for a sustainable resettlement project for low-income people, who were the victims of the massive1999 Marmara Earthquake. The project initially funded by Habitat for Humanity International and has been now transformed into an NGO working for sustainable resttlement issues (